So, you may ask…

how does one end up with a Prosecco Van?
Perhaps you love Prosecco, wanted to do something fun, or had a dream one day?

Well in my case it was all three! The crazy notion that there would be pleasure and fun in starting a small business, that sold my favourite commodity, appeared in my head early one morning, totally out of the blue. The time had come in life to seek new and exciting ventures and this one fitted the bill perfectly.

A cute little motor, bespoke and beautiful, being with people when they are having fun and enjoying the on-going pleasure of an endless supply of fizz- what more could a girl want!

On a serious note though, having committed many wonderful and rewarding years to a fulfilling career in nursing the time had come to try something new.

The birth of “Fizzy”

The new addition to our family, affectionately known as ‘fizzy’, arrived on the scene in May 2017.

She is a brand new three wheeler Piaggio Ape 50 van imported from Italy that has been lovingly and cleverly customised to serve as a Prosecco fountain. She has mixer optics hidden discreetly for those really special occasions and even has the potential to serve Peroni on tap in addition to the fizz. Dressed in a gentle cream colour she is stylish and understated and so tiny that she can squeeze into the smallest of places. With her bags of personality and easy presence she is now starting to venture out to explore the locality and what life has to offer.